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For some organizations, hiring a full-time, executive employee that solely focuses on IT isn’t always ideal. Fortunately, a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) performs the same functions as a traditional CIO; and with the help of an expert, your business can make strategic decisions and focus on business goals.
Fabre Technology Group provides quality consulting services and the expertise of top-level employees to help your business grow and succeed.

Don’t Let Your Organization Operate Without Someone Fully Dedicated To IT.

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Vendor Management

Managing All Your Vendors

Vendor Management

Keeping track of multiple sales, service and support contacts of each vendor is time-consuming and creates a greater margin for error. Our IT vendor management service covers multi-vendor integration, issue and dispute resolutions, vendor risk assessments and more.
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Reduce Costs

Staying Effecient, While Saving Money

Reduce Costs

Upgrading hardware and software without knowing what solution best fits your goals is an expensive mistake. Our vCIO helps you make informed tech decisions to get the solutions you need without the extra spending.
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Real-Time Data

The Right Tools For The Right Job

Real-Time Data

Managing your network is a full-time job. Our vCIO helps you monitor endpoint failure and fault detection using real-time tools for analyzing data.
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Obtain Expert Guidance

Without Hiring A In-House Executive

Obtain Expert Guidance

As your organization grows, your goals change. Our vCIO provides industry knowledge to help you scale your decisions to fit your ever-changing needs.

Top-Level IT Experts Dedicated to Your Business

Our consulting services keep you on track to achieve your business goals. Our consulting services are different than other IT companies in NJ; we don’t assign a junior level employee to do the job of a vCIO. When you invest in all-inclusive managed IT services with Fabre Technologies, a c-level employee will be the one doing all of the consulting. When you receive consulting from us, you’re working with someone with high-level engineering knowledge and someone with business acumen.
There are several benefits to utilizing a virtual CIO as opposed to hiring someone in-house.
  • Predictable technology budgets.

  • Decreased operating costs and improved productivity.

  • Security, business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance

  • Planning and developing your IT infrastructure roadmap, assistance with IT strategies, and IT budgeting

  • Assistance with the maintenance and development of a strategic IT plan

Our comprehensive managed services and virtual chief information officer services set your business up for success, request a complimentary consultation.


Not sure which solutions and services will deliver the business outcomes you need? Talk to our team.

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Not sure which solutions and services will deliver the business outcomes you need? Talk to our team.

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Not sure which solutions and services will deliver the business outcomes you need? Talk to our team.


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