Physical Security

Cyber Security
Physical security is often overlooked  and its importance underestimated. In favor of more technical threats such as hacking, malware, and cyber spying. However, breaches of physical security can be carried out with brute force and little or no technical knowledge on the part of an attacker.
  • Tracking Visitors

  • Access control

  • Surveillance Cameras

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Know Your Risks

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Visitors Management

How to precisely locate people within your physical space

Visitors Management

Visitor Management systems are extremely useful in professional settings as well. Many offices see dozens of visitors on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep track of individual guests. Products like badges can be issued to guests to ensure that they don’t overstay their welcome.
Cyber Security

Access Control

Access Granted

Access Control

ID scanning is used to authenticate an identity document and determine whether the holder should be allowed entry into the premises. There are several types of ID scanners that verify documents in multiple ways: Some scan the ID’s barcode, while others read the ID’s magnetic stripe like a credit card, and more robust software can perform forensic tests to ensure that an ID is not forged.

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Surveillance Cameras

Closed Circuit Television

Surveillance Cameras

CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras, and observation of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere. Because the cameras communicate with monitors and/or video recorders across private coaxial cable runs or wireless communication links, they gain the designation “closed-circuit” to indicate that access to their content is limited by design only to those able to see it.

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Server Room

Secure the space

Server Room

The server room must have restricted access. All access points should be alarmed for entry and egress. Access control also requires monitored access. After all, you need to know who gets into the room and when as well as when someone tries to break in.

Even Physical Security Protects Your Technology

Fabre offers comprehensive physical security systems for organizations. They can customize a system that integrates all components necessary to keep your facilities safe and secure.
  • Video surveillance including networked IP cameras, data storage, and management for ease of use

  • Door control and visitor management to authorize access by individual for maximum security

  • Establish key access and more for your Server Room.

No matter your environment, it does not hurt to think about simple but effective ways to be more secure, request a complimentary consultation.


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Not sure which solutions and services will deliver the business outcomes you need? Talk to our team.

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Not sure which solutions and services will deliver the business outcomes you need? Talk to our team.

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